Rethink College. In Revival.

Many students find themselves choosing between being trained in the supernatural ministry of Jesus OR pursuing an accredited degree ...

What if both were possible?


Through our program with Moody Bible Institute, SoCal SSM students can take accredited courses both online and here on our historic college campus in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains overlooking Los Angeles.  Moody Bible Institute, known as the "Seminary for Undergraduates", has over 130 years of history in being a global leader in biblical higher learning.

Moody Bible Institute is offering a discount for our SoCal SSM students that essentially covers the cost of their SSM tuition. Come for a year and transfer your credits or stay and complete the entire degree.

Our program is designed to form you into a leader that knows their identity and reforms culture from the inside out--here in the most culturally influential city on earth. Will you join us?

First Year Options

  • Students attend First Year SSM while completing a year of college credit
  • Our unique structure allows students to complete both SSM & a full-time college course load in less time than a typical college experience.
  • Transfer credits to another college or stay and complete a full degree with us.

Second Year Options

  • Students attend Second Year SSM while completing a second year of college credit.
  • The unique program structure allows students to complete SSM & college credits with time for working a job or significant ministry involvement.

Third Year Options

  • Students begin a Third Year SSM Internship program while continuing full-time with Moody credits.
  • Ideally students complete all class-room training by end of year three.

Fourth Year Options

  • Students ideally begin a paid internship or ministry position while finishing Moody "field-ed" credits.
  • Students who've completed classroom requirements are able to complete field-ed and internship requirements anywhere in the world.
  • NOTE: all classes are also available on-line, allowing students to take advantage of ministry or professional opportunities outside of LA at anytime in the program after completing SSM.

The Degree

B.S. in Ministry Leadership

The Moody degree is a fully accredited Bachelor's degree in Ministry Leadership, with a "concentration" in the ministry area of a student's choosing.

Rather than providing a typical college menu of many different "majors", we are offering a single major with many concentration options, allowing us to provide students the widest array of ministry options, but also preparing students with a leadership core that can be applicable to any field, whether or not that is in traditional full-time ministry or not.

This also allows us to have the entire school on a similar academic program, giving unity & clarity to students as to where we are taking them as a "family" on their spiritual & academic journey.

Campus Life

Students participate in a wide variety of events and activities both on and off campus. The campus offers diverse opportunities for growth: weekly chapels/worship/prayer gatherings, community service projects, etc. Students are also required to pursue ministry opportunities in their chosen fields under guidance by our staff. As a college family we also participate in annual retreats, conferences, and missions trips, along with other student leadership opportunities, events, and more.

With such a unique campus and location to Los Angeles, we encourage students to take advantage of endless opportunities in their chosen ministry area in order to fulfill some of the spiritual growth requirements of the program. 

Pasadena is a cultural, academic, and culinary centerpiece of the Los Angeles area. Perhaps best known for hosting the annual nationally televised New Year’s Day Rose Bowl football game and Tournament of Roses parade. In addition, Pasadena is also home to many scientific and cultural institutions, including the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Fuller Theological Seminary, Art Center College of Design, the Pasadena Playhouse, the Norton Simon Museum and the USC Pacific Asia Museum.

For an overview of the history and other activity of the campus, click the link below.


Students have several options with housing. Updated dormitories and a cafeteria are available on the campus, but most of our students elect to live off campus in more cost-effective options. 

Community Houses

Community Houses are homes or apartments with other students, typically just off campus in the surrounding neighborhood, where students live & eat together in community. SoCal SSM connects students to current Community House options. Contact us for details.

Living Expenses

Room & Board

  • Students typically live with other students on their own in the surrounding neighborhoods or in the greater LA area.
  • SoCal SSM will connect students with other students looking for housing. Community houses typically cost approximately $400/mo for rent. (Cost of food is at students discretion). This option is "first come, first serve" and limited to availability. There are currently multiple spots available.
    • Students choosing this option need to budget for food costs. We recommend $200/mo. This equates to approximately $6,000/year (for the 9 months on campus) for housing and food.
  • Updated on-campus dorms and meal plans are available ($8700/year on average). Students typically share a room with one other roommate. Single occupancy dorms are avilable for an additional cost. 

*All pricing is subject to change due to college and institutional price increases

Program Cost Options

Primary costs for the program are divided among SoCal-SSM program costs, Moody Bible Institute degree costs, and Room & Board costs. We have established an oustanding value that allows students to attain both an accredited undergraduate degree and the full SoCal SSM program training at a fraction of the cost of most private institutions.

SoCal SSM program costs

  • First Year: $3000
  • Second Year: $3000
  • Third Year Internship: $750

Moody Bible Institute tuition

  •  A full degree program is 120 credit hours. Current pricing is $330/per credit hour or $39,995 (including fees) for the entire degree program.
  • SoCal SSM students receive 25% off Moody tuition in order to cover the SoCal SSM tuition costs.

CLEP program option

  • The CLEP program costs approximately $1500 for 30 credits (or a single year of college credit). More details on the CLEP option are explained thoroughly in the FAQ section below.
  • Students can take anywhere from 3-30 credits through CLEP, tuition savings will adjust accordingly.


  • Moody full program cost: $39,995
    • 25% SoCal SSM discount: -$9,900
    • Additional CLEP program benefit: -$6320
  • SoCal SSM program cost (all three years): $6750

Total: $30,525

  • 4 year program= $7631.25/year
  • 3 year program= $8808.33/year for years 1-3; $4000 for year-4 internship
    • (Students completing the 3-year option typically spend their 4th year in a full-time internship position overseas or at the location of their choosing)


  • Students doing a single year of SSM/college credits through CLEP and not taking Moody courses pay First Year SSM program cost + $1500 for CLEP/standardized exam credit program.
  • Payment Plans are available as well as Financial Aid & loan options for Moody tuition.
  • PELL GRANT: Moody accepts the Federal Pell Grant that rewards students up to approximately $6,000/year towards tuition. Students can apply at www.fafsa.ed/gov and use the Moody FAFSA code: 001727


Students must apply to both SoCal SSM and Moody Bible Institute. Both application links are below.

1. First, apply to Moody Distance Learning

NOTE: In the Moody application, there is a section that references “preferred method of study.” There is an option labeled Pasadena, CA (BSML only)- select that option. (If you do not see it we can adjust it later)

2. Second, apply to SoCal SSM

Please contact to notify us of your interest in the degree program so that we ensure to help you through the process. Feel free to use this email to set up a phone or in-person meeting to discuss an overview of the program and to answer any questions you may have.

Embark on a journey like never before!