Applying to SSM will ignite a new journey of passion, life, destiny, and hope in your life. You will encounter a community of radical believers who will become like family to you. Get ready to launch into a new season!

The Details


Mid-September through mid-May
Mondays and Wednesday evenings
(Youth: Mondays)
(Youth: 6:30-8:30pm)

1st Year Program

The focus of first semester is healing of relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and learning to walk in the identity as a child of God.

The emphasis of teaching will be to remove barriers which keep students from relating well to the Trinity, including such topics as how to hear from God and how inner-healing issues impact our relationship with Him. Students are coached on how to go deeper in their individual relationships with the Lord and opportunities are made through worship for encounters with Him. The focus of second semester is how to naturally live a supernatural lifestyle. Students are taught how to partner with Holy Spirit to bring the Kingdom into their everyday lives. The emphasis of teaching is on equipping and activating ministry gifts, including healing, prophesy, deliverance, evangelism and intercession. The importance of maintaining a holy life and the impact of purity in our lives and ministries is also covered.

"Walking through my first year at SSM has shown me that God is exactly who He says He is and I am who He says I am. My relationship with Him has taken on a personal dimension that I didn't know was possible and has transformed how I treat myself and others. The school delivered on its promises and exceeded all of my expectations. And that's because God Himself drives the school. I am so blessed by the leadership and by my classmates. We're family forever!"

Tim - 1st Year student

Applications Opening Soon for 2018-19

"SSM has changed my life, my perspective, and how I think. Learning my identity in Christ and walking in that, makes all the difference in how I see myself and others and how I serve God. It's a journey with God as a real and loving Father, bringing Him wherever I go. And it's the happiest way to live! It's not just for young people-- it's never too late, and you're never too old. Join our school and you'll be part of an amazing, loving, and powerful community!!"

- 2nd Year student

Applications Opening Soon for 2018-19

2nd Year Program

The focus of our second year program is kingdom leadership development.

Students complete a series on walking out their divine destiny with the Lord through a study on the Song of Songs, as well as, studies on Christian leadership as found in the book of Ephesians and the Beatitudes. Optional Second Year electives include: school-planting/missions training, kingdom in business, SOZO training, and potentially church-planting/discipleship. All second year students also learn the basics of preaching a sermon and have the opportunity to practice by giving a 10 minute message to their fellow students. Completion of a first year SSM program is required for the second year program. We have accepted a variety of ongoing students from other programs including PIHOP SSM, HRock SSM, Bethel SSM, E58 School Ministry, and GCSSM. Transfers will be approved on an individual basis after interviewing.


3rd Year Internships

Interns commit to providing 4-5 hours per week of ministry assistance to a local ministry leader or to the school itself.

All internships are approved through SC-SSM with aligned ministry partners and are listed on the internship application page. Interns agree to attend SCSSM one night a week for family group time and teaching from SCSSM leaders. Completion of a second year SSM program is required for the internship program. Transfers will be approved on an individual basis after interviewing.


"SSM has transformed my life in a powerful way! I experienced the love of Jesus in a deeper way, discovering my identity as a daughter and a knowing that I am accepted and loved. A passion was stirred and awakened inside of me to take what I learned at SSM not only to the nations but everyday with those I encounter. The staff and teachers demonstrated the Fathers heart of love and I encountered a freedom to be who God created me to be."

Kim, 3rd Year student

Applications Opening Soon for 2018-19


Youth and Kids!

Age Group: 1st-5th for SSM KIDS, 6th-12th for SSM YOUTH

Winter / Spring:   January - April 2018

Now Accepting Applications for 2018 Winter/Spring!

SSM Youth

To foster a movement where children and youth know their identity in Christ.

Mission: To help children/youth encounter and experience a loving relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and train them to become revivalists who will transform the world through His manifest presence, power, and love.

Values: intimacy, encounters, healing/wholeness, faith/risk, love, honor, freedom, integrity, power, joy, family

Times: Mondays 6:30 - 8:30pm