3rd Year / Intern Application

Now Accepting 2017-18 Applications



Instructions for Applying for a SCSSM Third Year internship

Requirements: All applicants must be a second-year graduate of SCSSM or another SSM program. (Please indicate on your application what program you graduated from if other than SCSSM.) Graduates may apply for multiple internship years, meaning a 3rd-year intern graduate may apply for another internship for a new year. If there is a space limitation, priority will be given to the previous year’s second-year graduates.

  1. Take time to read through the various internships that are being offered for 3rd year SSM. Note that interns may use the template document to propose an internship of their own. They are strongly advised to discuss a proposed internship with Christeena Kale or David Oh before proceeding too far along in the process.
  2. Complete the 3rd year internship application and designate your first and second choice internships.
  3. All interns will be interviewed by the mentor of the specific internship. SCSSM will forward your internship application to the appropriate mentor, along with contact information, and they will contact you for an interview.
  4. After completing their interviews, the mentors will inform SCSSM of their intern choices. SCSSM staff will use this information to direct candidates towards either their first or second choice internship. First choice internships are always given priority.
  5. The intern and mentor will both sign the internship agreement and give it to the 3rd year SCSSM overseer, who will check in with each intern regularly during the course of the year on how their internship is progressing. We encourage feedback throughout the process from both the mentors and interns.